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Hall's Croft

Daughter and granddaughter

Hall's Croft

Hall's Croft gardens

Hall's Croft kitchen

Wander through the elegant home of Susanna Shakespeare and her husband, Dr John Hall. Enjoy the luxurious rooms and beautiful decoration of this fascinating house, befitting a wealthy physician of Dr John Hall's status.      

Relax in the beautiful gardens and breathe in the fragrant herbs as used by Dr Hall in his remedies.

Highlights at Hall's Croft

Enjoy our informative parlour talks for an insight into the wealthy lifestyle of Shakespeare’s eldest daughter.

Visit Hall's Croft cafe to unwind over delicious refreshments in beautiful surroundings.

Cry Havoc! and Let Slip the Dogs of War - The First World War, Shakespeare and Stratford

Commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War I in our First World War exhibition. Follow the story of Stratford-upon-Avon and its people during the war through our local archive material, as well as Shakespeare's words on war, loss and patriotism.


Children's Activities

Be sure to look out for the latest puzzles, quizzes and trails to help bring your visit to life!


Discover more about the First World War in our activities area.

Trench talk: learn words and phrases from WWI and have a go at creating your own 
First Aid: learn how to put a bandage on, like Avis Hodgson who nursed at Clopton House War Hospital
Flag days: what were ‘flags’?  Make and decorate your own flag to take home
Medals: learn about medals from WW1 and make your own medal to take home
Poppies and Remembrance: make a poppy for our board of remembrance


Visit our Jacobean Costume Display

We're completed a project to design and create two beautiful Jacobean costumes to reflect the personality and status of Susanna and Elizabeth Hall.

Come and see the completed garments on display when you visit Hall's Croft!


Tickets and location

Save on tickets with the Town, Cottage and Farm Pass; including entry to all of Shakespeare’s family homes and Shakespeare’s final resting place at Holy Trinity Church.  

Dogs are welcome in the gardens at Hall's Croft, provided they are accompanied and on a lead.


Old Town,
CV37 6BG
Tel: 01789 338533


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Over the next few years the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust will be carrying out major conservation work on the house. In preparation for this we are stabilising the structure including strengthening the beams and joints, and making temporary repairs to the roof spaces. 

To make a donation to the Shakespeare Houses Conservation Appeal and to learn more about these urgent works click here.

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Outdoor performances

Highlights at Hall's Croft


Look out for performances of Shakespeare's plays in the gardens throughout the summer

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