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Accessibility at Anne Hathaway's Cottage & Gardens


Visitors peruse a leaflet

Visitor parking is 100m away on the corner of Cottage Lane. Blue Badge parking is available adjacent to the visitor reception to the rear of the coach park.

Visitor reception & shop

Reached via a sloping pathway and accessible for pushchairs, wheelchair users and those with limited mobility. Inside there is a hearing loop and an accessible toilet, visitor toilets and baby-changing facilities can be found to the rear of reception.


Unfortunately the building is unsuitable for wheelchair users and visitors with impaired mobility due to entrance steps and uneven floors. However there is a 3D virtual tour of the cottage in the visitor reception. Large print guides are available.


The grounds are easy to navigate with many wide, sloping pathways and occasional seating. The Woodland Walk offers a 20 minute trail which is possible for assisted wheelchairs and pushchairs in dry weather. A courtesy wheelchair is available.

Eating and Drinking

The Cottage Garden Cafe is open throughout the year and is located opposite the site entrance, across Cottage Lane. Our seasonal cafe - the Pea Shed - stands within the grounds of Anne Hathaway's Cottage & Gardens and is approached via a garden path with outdoor bench seating and visitor toilets nearby. 


> Download our access guides.