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Artistic Commissions

Inaugural commissioned works

Come and view our changing digital exhibition

Will's Kitchen is a creative meeting point where everyone can come together to experience and appreciate contemporary art and creativity in all forms and is home to dynamic, changing digital exhibitions to which everyone can contribute.  

Our first artistic commission is titled Creative Ecology, curated by Craig Ashley and Simon Poulter, and developed by artists Antonio Roberts and Joe Magee. They have devised new works that inspire people to think of the surrounding landscape, culture and ecology of Shakespeare’s hometown.

The artworks will change seasonally, working with new artists and inviting the local community to contribute in their own ways.  


Joe Magee’s new work “Tudorland” is a set of new images for the opening of Will’s Kitchen. The work humorously looks at the people and the architecture of Stratford.

As a destination for tourists to connect with Shakespeare and his birthplace, the street itself becomes a site of performance and display. Multiple cameras capture valued moments of being in the town, observing, being observed and of course taking selfies. Visitors create their own new picture narratives to take home and frame themselves within the Tudor history of Stratford.

Joe Magee’s work has been featured in Time Magazine, The Guardian, Foreign Policy Magazine (Washington), John Hopkins University, TUFTS University. He is currently making a commissioned artwork for The Wilson (Gallery, Cheltenham).

Tudorland by Joe Magee

Abundant Antiques

Antonio Roberts is interested in how images and videos posted online can be used to preserve history.  The digital space in which we record and share our experiences can be thought of as the museum of our time, where people come together to remember and to tell the stories that reflect the world we live in.

In his new series of video artworks called “Abundant Antiques” the artist presents a set of modern day artefacts, rendered as 3D models in stone.  Taking on the appearance of a typical museum object, these relics of the future playfully consider our prospective heritage as it is being forged.  Here, the preservation of things that are scarce and unique are replaced by those that are mass-produced and commonplace.

As an artist and curator, Antonio explores the subjects of ownership and authorship, and what they mean in an age impacted by digital technology.  His work has been featured at galleries and festivals including Common Property at Jerwood Arts, London (2016), Ways of Something at Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (2017), and Copy / Paste at the Victoria and Albert Museum (2019).  He has curated exhibitions and projects including GLI.TC/H Birmingham (2011),  Stealth (2015) and No Copyright Infringement Intended (2017).

Will's Kitchen artist commission
Abundant Antiques by Antonio Roberts
Shakespeare’s Birthplace is currently closed