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Summer Talks and Tours

Summer Talks and Tours

Discover something new at our summer talks and tours.

Whatever your interests are, you will discover something new at our summer talks and tours.

Enhance your visit with our range of talks and tours included in the admission at each of the five houses. From Stonemason Demonstrations at Mary Arden’s Farm and a Print Workshop at Shakespeare’s New Place there’s to Surgical Grooming Live'n History at Hall’s Croft there’s always something new to discover at Shakespeare’s family homes.

Highlights include:

Garden Talk
Tuesdays and Saturdays, 21 July – 1 September, 12 and 2pm
Shakespeare’s New Place

Specialised talk about the garden history at NP, for green-fingered enthusiasts and anyone who likes a good yarn. Hear about the James I mulberry trees and the theatre that once stood on Chapel Lane.

Spice Spice Wonderful Spice
Thursday, 26 July
Hall's Croft

Food and Feasting at the time of John and Susanna. Come and explore our Jacobean kitchen and discover the many foods and dishes consumed on a daily basis, as well as those created to impress at feasts and great occasions. Learn about the importance of spices and sugar, along with other ingredients and recipes which are less familiar. Immerse yourself in the day to day workings of a Jacobean kitchen and transport your mind with tastes and smells of the time. 

Saving the Artefacts 
Thursdays, 26 July- 30 August
Hall's Croft

Come and see us looking after the artefacts for the future generations, and how the Jacobean's would have looked after their furniture. Feel free and ask questions to learn what we do to preserve collections within the SBT

Print workshop
Tuesday, 14 August
Shakespeare’s New Place

Family friendly print workshop with artist Thomas Cross. Be inspired by the gardens and sculptures at Shakespeare's New Place to create a print using a wooden spoon, ink and paper which you can then take home with you.

Surgical grooming Live'n History 
15 August, 12pm-4pm
Hall's Croft

Talk to the barber surgeon and discover how medicine and surgery was done in the Jacobean period.

Pario Gallico; Jacobean Food Demonstration
Thursday, 30 August
Hall's Croft

Pario Gallico spice talk; find out how Jacobean cooks would have used their spice. Discover the many foods and dishes consumed on a daily basis, as well as those created to impress at feasts and great occasions. Learn about the food and feasting at the time of John and Susanna Hall, and the importance of spices and sugar. Immerse yourself in the day to day workings of a Jacobean kitchen and discover ingredients and recipes that are less familiar.

Stonemason Demonstrations
Mondays-Fridays, 20 July - 31 August, 10-4pm
Mary Arden’s Farm

The master stonemason will be onsite on Mondays - Fridays 10am-4pm during the 6 week summer holidays. Watch him demonstrating his craft and try your hand at carving your initials in special workshops running through the day (Small charge applies for plaque carving workshop).

Bird of the Week 
Daily, 21 July – 2 September, demonstrations throughout the day
Mary Arden’s Farm

An exciting opportunity to meet a speciality birds of prey at the farm during the Summer holidays. A different guest bird will be featured each week of the holidays.

After Hours Talk: Shakespeare's Ales 
Saturday, 14 July, 5.30-7pm
The Shakespeare Centre

Shakespeare's Ales Bob Yeats of Tunnel Brewery will present a collection of hand-crafted ales for tasting. A mixture of popular craft ales, traditional beers and a mulberry ale made from mulberries from the trees in the gardens of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

After Hours Talk: Hands-On Evening 
Saturday, 11 August, 5.30-7pm
The Shakespeare Centre

Come and have a go at all the things usually reserved for children in a special evening just for adults. Activities include making a wax seal, writing with a quill pen and making puppets. Places are limited so book now to reserve a space!

All events take place from 21 July - 2 September, 12pm-4pm and are included in admission unless otherwise stated. Book online to save 10% off tickets to Shakespeare's family homes.

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