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Meet the Farm Animals

Rare breeds and birds of prey at Mary Arden’s Farm

Come and meet our loveable farm animals, many of which are rare breeds similar in type to those that Shakespeare and his family would have known.

New to the farmyard this year:

Our new breed of sheep for 2019 are the beautiful Ryeland variety. The farm team were busy with lambing earlier this year and over forty were born.  The different varieties include:

  • Seven Ryland lambs
  • Ten Norfolk Horn lambs
  • Nine Portland lambs
  • Fifteen Cotswold lambs. 

Arapawa Goat kid
Arapawa kid

New Arrivals

Our Arapawa goat gave birth to a beautiful female kid on 15 March, we have named her 'Moth'.

Gloucester Cow

Mac the Gloucester cow gave birth to a male calf on 24 March and to keep the musical connection with Mum he is named 'Fleetwood'. He is absolutely adorable and the apple of his Mother's eye.

There are newly hatched chicks.  See them as you enter the farm.

There are three Manglalitza piglets, the Hungarian 'sheep pig' variety; two girls and a boy.

Coming up......

Oxford Sandy and Black Pig piglets due mid -July.

Keep coming back so you don't miss our new animals! 


Make friends with Ellie the horse and our donkeys, Bill and Ben. There are also lots of rare-breed farmyard animals to meet as you explore the wider farm, including English Longhorn cattle, Cotswold sheep and our woolly Mangalitza pigs. Don’t forget to ask at the ticket desk for some special goat food to share with your new friends! 

Meet the owls, hawks and falcons as we demonstrate the age-old art of falconry, a popular Tudor pastime and often featured in Shakespeare's plays. 

Discover a unique half day falconry experience with our expert Falconer. Fly beautiful owls and Harris hawks and learn about how their ancestors were used by the Tudors for hunting. For more information and prices please call 07736 524512.

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