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Help us inspire children’s creativity, confidence and a lifelong love of Shakespeare

About Shakespeare Week

Shakespeare Week is an annual national celebration of Shakespeare in primary schools, organised by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, giving children a positive first encounter with Shakespeare and his characters, stories and language.

Throughout the week, primary school children celebrate the life and works of Shakespeare by participating in their own performances, creating artwork or stories, and even exploring the science and maths of Shakespeare’s world. 

Taking part in activities like Shakespeare Week has enormous benefits for children, from helping them do better at school to improving their social skills.  And it’s great fun!

Shakespeare Week has so far reached over 2 million children – half of the UK’s primary schools. With your help, it can reach even more.

Your donation can help by:

  • providing inspiring games, quizzes and puzzles that make Shakespeare fun
  • putting a “story sack” into a local library, filled with puppets and props to introduce children to Shakespeare’s stories
  • staging a special event at a school in a deprived community, enabling children who may never have been to the theatre to perform Shakespeare themselves
  • Supporting the Mission Shakespeare digital challenge, which encourages children and their families to continue their Shakespearian journey at home
  • Providing training and support to teachers who are not Shakespeare experts – helping them make his work relevant and accessible for their pupils

Shakespeare Week

Please help us inspire children’s creativity, confidence and a lifelong love of Shakespeare by supporting Shakespeare Week.

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