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Meet our expert team of Shakespearians

Dr Nick Walton is Shakespeare Courses Development Manager at The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, where he devises and delivers programmes of study for school and university students, as well as for members of the general public. As Executive Secretary to the International Shakespeare Association he helped organise the Eighth and Ninth World Shakespeare Congresses in Brisbane (2006) and Prague (2011) respectively. He regularly reviews Shakespearian productions and publications, and has written introductory material for the Penguin editions of Timon of Athens and Love’s Labour’s Lost, as well as contributing a chapter on Glen Byam Shaw to the book Director’s Shakespeare, an entry in the forthcoming Cambridge World Shakespeare Encyclopaedia on Shakespeare Societies, and multiple chapters in Dorling Kindersley’s The Shakespeare Book (published 2015). Nick is co-author of The Shakespeare Wallbook (published in 2014), a giant version of which can be viewed in the garden at Shakespeare's Birthplace. He has been an invited speaker at, among other places, The National Theatre (London), The Athenaeum and The Modern Theatre (Boston, USA), The British Museum (London), and the Royal Shakespeare Company (Stratford-upon-Avon).  He has worked closely with the Actor’s Shakespeare Project (Boston) on two of their productions, and has been the presenter of two Future Learn MOOCs in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company and The University of Birmingham on Much Ado About Nothing and Othello, and recorded a stage history for the BBC’s Hamlet. Nick also played the role of Burgundy in Brian Blessed’s film of King Lear (1999).

Dr Anjna Chouhan is Lecturer in Shakespeare Studies at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Her research interests being in the nineteenth century, Anjna works on Victorian theatre and Shakespeare reception. She has published work on Victorian theatrical escapism, religion and theatre, Victorian Shakespeare reception and has edited the Pickering and Chatto sourcebook on Victorian actor-manager Sir Henry Irving (2012). Anjna is a contributor to the Cambridge School Shakespeare online resource, The Shakespeare Book (Dorling Kindersley) and is currently collaborating on resources for Digital Theatre Plus. Anjna lectures on Shakespeare and his contemporaries at the Shakespeare Centre where she enjoys speaking to people of all ages from around the world.

Darren Freebury-Jones is Lecturer in Shakespeare Studies (International – USA) at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. His role involves building and developing relationships with schools, universities, and organisations in the USA through regular teaching tours; working on the Trust’s online educational resources; as well as lecturing at the Shakespeare Centre.  His 2016 doctoral thesis examined Thomas Kyd’s influence on Shakespeare’s early work. He has investigated the boundaries of John Marston’s dramatic corpus as part of the Oxford Marston project. His recent and forthcoming work on the plays of authors such as Shakespeare, Kyd, Lyly, Marlowe, Peele, Nashe, Marston, Dekker, Fletcher, and others can be found in such journals as American Notes and Queries, Archiv fuer das Studium der Neueren Sprachen und Literaturen, Authorship, Journal of Early Modern Studies, Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England, Notes and Queries, Renaissance and Reformation, Studia Metrica et Poetica, and Texas Studies in Literature and Language.

Lisa Peter is the International Lecturer in Shakespeare Studies at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. She taught English literature and culture at Tubingen University in Germany, where she focused on the representation of religious fundamentalism in contemporary fiction and film in her research. She taught at undergraduate and postgraduate levels on a range of subjects, including contemporary poetry and new writing for the theatre. Apart from more straightforwardly literary interests, she is fascinated by the cultural climate surrounding the genesis of art. In her teaching at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Lisa particularly looks after international groups whose first language is any other than English, and she specialises in Shakespeare translations and the Shakespeare reception around the world. Furthermore, she writes study guides for Digital Theatre Plus, theatre reviews for the Reviewing Shakespeare project, as well as for the bilingual magazine Hard Times, published in Hildesheim.

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