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Shakespeare’s Theatre

An interactive introduction to the theatre in Shakespeare’s lifetime.

Please note: We are currently unable to deliver education sessions on site, but are working on an exciting range of digital and outreach sessions that can be discussed and booked upon enquiry.  

Please contact us for further information or sign up for email updates about our learning offer as it develops.

With the help of replica of museum items, models of an Elizabethan playhouse, and a vocabulary sheet, students will be equipped to talk about the differences between Shakespeare’s theatres and theatres today.

We will explore together how the audiences Shakespeare wrote for differ from modern theatregoers and thereby open up a new way of discussing theatre history in relation to Shakespeare’s craftsmanship.

This session broadens the students’ vocabulary and offers plenty of opportunities to use it, to describe architecture and express assumptions about staging possibilities.

No previous knowledge of Elizabethan theatre or Shakespeare is necessary.

Suitable for:  Intermediate learners of English (CEFR levels B1 and B2) approximately 3-4 years of learning English.

The session will enable students to:

  • discover the world of Elizabethan theatre
  • put Shakespeare’s plays into the context of original staging conditions
  • broaden their knowledge of staging plays
  • improve listening and speaking skills
  • expand their vocabulary and acquire specialist vocabulary
  • improve the range, accuracy and fluency of expression

Available:  Monday to Friday, all year round. 
Duration: 60 minutes.  Allow time afterwards to explore Shakespeare’s Birthplace. 
Group size: minimum 15 – maximum 30. 

Price:  £9.00 per child; £14.00 per adult (18+)

"The talk was very informative with the lecturer speaking an English very suitable for the learners. Thank you"

— German Exchange Cherwell School, Oxford

We're currently unable to deliver courses on site

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