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Shakespeare’s Influence on Modern English

Are you speaking Shakespeare without realising it?

Please note: We are currently unable to deliver education sessions on site, but are working on an exciting range of digital and outreach sessions that can be discussed and booked upon enquiry.  

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Why should English Language learners study Shakespeare when they are already grappling with modern usage and terminology? You’ll be surprised how many people today are speaking Shakespeare without realising it!

This interactive talk traces the history of English with the help of audio clips and highlights Shakespeare’s continuing influence on modern English.  We will work through some of the words and expressions he invented and which are still in use today.

Some knowledge of Shakespeare’s work is helpful but not obligatory for this talk.

Particularly suitable for:  Advanced learners of English (CEFR level C1) and above, approximately 5 years of learning English.

The session will enable students to:

  • differentiate between modern English and older forms of English language
  • get a short introduction to Shakespeare’s English and what it sounded like
  • see how influential Shakespeare was in terms of language development
  • improve listening and speaking skills
  • expand their vocabulary and acquire specialist vocabulary
  • improve the range, accuracy and fluency of expression

Available:  Monday to Friday, all year round. 
Length: 60 minutes.  Allow time afterwards to explore Shakespeare’s Birthplace.  
Group size: minimum 15 – maximum 30. 

Price:  £9.00 per child; £14.00 per adult (18+)

“Great guide who spoke very clear English.”

— Jes san Pacs, Mallorca

We're currently unable to deliver courses on site

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