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Shakespeare Shorts: The Winners

See who has fought off the competition to win acclaim in our short film festival

2018 Winners

Best Shakespeare themed Animation (up to 3 mins) - Romeo & Juliet in 3 minutes directed by Cassidy Cash.

Kenneth Branagh said: 'Delivers precisely on its title, and in so doing has dash, and wit, and (as you might expect), economy.'

Best interpretation of a passage from Shakespeare (up to 10 mins) - Othello directed by Martin Denham.

Kenneth Branagh said: 'Visually impressive, and even lush, it has great maturity cinematically, and becomes a full blooded account of the green eyed monster that is jealousy.'

Best film inspired by Shakespeare (up to 15 mins) - Macbeth directed by Phil Shea.

Kenneth Branagh said: 'Takes the audience by the scruff of the neck, and refuses to let go. This was visceral, raw, and impactful.'

Overall Winner: Macbeth

Kenneth Branagh said: 'All three are excellent pieces of work and I am so impressed by them and so happy to have seen them. If there must be a winner, then first among equals would be Phil Shea, for an in-your-face Macbeth that makes you think and makes you feel - scared!'

2017 Winners

Selected from over 200 entries, the 2017 winners of our Shakespeare Shorts competition were:  

Best film inspired by Shakespeare – Ophelia by Caterina Picone, Caterina’s film explores what happens when method acting takes over the actor.

Best interpretation of a passage from Shakespeare – Richard III by Mona Zaidi, Mona’s entry is a surreal adaptation of Richard III mixing film and animation

Best Shakespeare themed animation – Shakespearean Women Part 4 by Fin McMorran. One of a series of short witty commentaries on women in Shakespeare inspired by woodcuts of the time. 

*Best local film maker – Ophelia by Savanna Spika, Savanna’s film is a hard hitting look at the struggles a modern day Ophelia might face.

Best young UK film maker - Et Tu by Emma Parkinson. Emma's entry explores the use and misuse of power and wins the chance to participate in Chanel 4’s Random Acts programme with our partner Rural Media.

All these films, plus a selection of highly commended films, were screened at the Shakespeare Film Festival at Shakespeare's New Place in Stratford-upon-Avon. 

*Overall winner, as chosen by our Patron Sir Kenneth Branagh.

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