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First World War Exhibition

Cry Havoc! and Let Slip the Dogs of War

The First World War, Shakespeare and Stratford

The First World War exhibition will close on 23 February to make way for our new exhibition, Method in the Madness: Understanding Ourselves Then & Now, opening 18 March. 

This poignant exhibition provides an insight into the impact of the war on the people of Stratford-upon-Avon. Visitors will explore the experiences of soldiers, nurses and those on the home front, and look at how the language of Shakespeare was used at that time to encourage patriotism and boost morale.

Displays include historic photographs, scrapbooks, material commemorating the tercentenary of Shakespeare’s death in 1916, weaponry, books and medals which all help bring to life personal stories from the war years. Many of these items have never been exhibited before.

This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to explore the local history of the First World War, alongside the words and works of Shakespeare.

With the help of our volunteers we are also running a First World War blogging project via Finding Shakespeare where more stories and insights are being posted, and sharing a variety of content on www.historypin.com

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