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Christmas and Winter Events

 Experience Christmas through the ages at Shakespeare’s Family Homes in Stratford-upon-Avon, and discover how the festive season has been celebrated across four centuries.

Get into the festive spirit by taking part in family activities at each of the properties and don’t miss this year's all new Birthplace Lightshow!

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What's on- Christmas and Winter Events


     Browse our special events below. For details of permanent exhibitions and activities, check out the Family Homes pages.

    For schools events visit our Beyond the classroom section.


    Nous avons une gamme d'événements et d'activités tout au long de l'année à l'ensemble de nos maisons. Pour les événements les écoles consultez nos delà de la section de classe.


    Wir haben eine Reihe von Veranstaltungen und Aktivitäten das ganze Jahr über in allen unseren Häusern. Für Schulen Veranstaltungen lesen Sie in unseren Beyond the Classroom Abschnitt.




    У нас есть ряд событий и мероприятий на протяжении всего года во всех наших домах. Для школ событий проверить наши за пределами школы разделе


    Tenemos una amplia gama de eventos y actividades durante todo el año en todas nuestras casas. Para los eventos de las escuelas visita nuestra sección de Más allá del aula.


    Abbiamo una vasta gamma di eventi e attività tutto l'anno a tutte le nostre case. Per gli eventi scuole Controlla il nostro Al di là della sezione Classroom.