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Part of  Spring and Easter

Tudor games in the garden.

23 March - 14 April 2013

New Place & Nash's House

  • Family Fun

Try your hand at games Shakespeare would have known including bowls, skittles and dice-throwing.

 Also see what's new in our family activity marquee from 23 March with lots to do for all ages. Ideal for rainy days. 

Visitors can:

• Excavate the walls, foundations and floor tiles from Shakespeare’s final home in an outdoor pit
• Unearth a skeleton and draw it ‘in situ’ using a real archaeological planning frame
• Use modelling clay and re-create artefacts and hidden treasures
• Dig through the layers of time to excavate artefacts and hidden treasures in outdoor pits
• Wash and date and artefacts, including coins found in the well on-site
• Search archaeological residues for ecofacts and discover evidence of food eaten through the ages
• Play marbles games and dominoes - a pastime played for centuries
• Take part in the ‘Rot or Not’ challenge
• Piece history together with jigsaws

The Family Activities Marquee will be open for visitors every weekend and during school holidays with lots of hands-on activities for ALL ages.  

Also, children are encouraged to discover the children's room where they can learn about costume in Shakespeare's time and the difference between the clothes of the rich and poor.  Why not, They can also try on typical Tudor hats and ruffs and compare your clothes with those of Tudor children. 

Normal opening times and admission prices apply.