Conservation at Anne Hathaway's Cottage

Come and see our conservation work in action!

24 September 2013

From next week (commencing 30th September) we will be carrying out planned conservation work on one of the chimneys at Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, so this will be the perfect opportunity for our visitors to come and learn more about traditional methods involved in heritage conservation work.

The chimney is several hundred years old and in urgent need of repair. Paul Llewellyn, Site Works Supervisor said, “By removing one brick and feeding a fibre optic camera inside the chimney we were able to see that the brickwork inside the flue had become detached and was therefore falling into the fireplace of the kitchen below.”

Although the area has been made safe in the short term, it is vital that our highly skilled conservation team have the chance to carry out more lasting repairs. Beginning next week, we will carefully deconstruct the chimney brick by brick in order to carry out the restoration from the inside.

Listed building consent and planning permission are all in place, and we aim to ensure that all repair work is carried out in keeping with the original fabrics and methodology of the building. When we are rebuilding the chimney we will use as many of the original bricks as possible, or if they are too badly damaged we will find matching replacements.

Head of Operations Philippa Rawlinson said, “Many people do not realise that visitor support is vital to us as an independent charity and that this work is only possible thanks to income generated from ticket sales.”

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage will remain open throughout the repairs, which are expected to last approximately four weeks (depending on the weather conditions). If you are visiting us during that time be sure to take the opportunity to see our conservation work in action!


As work began it emerged that the chimney required more attention than first anticipated. This means that the work will carry on for a little longer, so there will be plenty of opportunities to come and meet the conservation team this winter.