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Accessibility at Hall's Croft

Visitors peruse a leaflet

Car and cycle parks and some on-street parking are in close proximity with Blue Badge spaces in nearby Church Street and off Southern Lane.


There is a shallow step at the entrance so a ramp is available on request. There is no access to the first floor for wheelchair users. A hearing loop, large print guides and a courtesy wheelchair are available. Note: Owing to the age of the building, the floors are slightly uneven in places. 


Offers level aisles and is accessible for wheelchair users and pushchairs.


(Tel 01789 297848)

Access is via the shop or from Old Town (there is shallow step but a ramp is available - please ring the bell for attention). There are visitor toilets in the cafe.


An accessible toilet, visitor toilets and baby-changing facilities are located in the garden. The garden has level paths and seating available.


> Download our access guides.