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Are Romeo and Juliet really the most romantic of all lovers? Or is their love more folly, infatuation and teenage angst?   



Still Dreaming

STILL DREAMING — A Documentary Film
"Still Dreaming" is a documentary in progress about a group of elderly entertainment veterans at the Lillian Booth Actors Home in Englewood, New Jersey, as they bravely mount "A Midsummer Night's Dream," Shakespeare's romp through a fantastical moonlit forest.
"Still Dreaming" follows this newly formed acting troupe resides at The Lillian Booth Actors Home, an old folks home just outside NYC for entertainment professionals of film, tv and theater. Upon the challenge of one of the residents, this troupe has decided to act on their collective love of Shakespeare and take a huge leap of faith into what was once known, but is now so seemingly treacherous. Stretching their physical, emotional and mental limits, they agree to take the two-month journey together to mount a production. The stakes are high for these actors, as this might just be their last work. Some are thrilled at the prospect of one last chance to perform. Some are petrified or even embarrassed by re-entering a process with less mental and physical faculties than they had in their prime. In any case, this troupe of talented and unique individuals are ready to express their uncensored opinions and speak candidly about life's many parts, acts, and exits.

“Still Dreaming” follows the troupe as they delve into the Shakespearean text, prep for performances, and carry-on in their day-to-day lives, attending physical therapy, seeing their doctor, getting glamour treatments, or having a day out with family. The film will be shot in HD in cinema verite style, with scenes and interviews evolving naturally from moments in these actors’ lives. The result will be an intimate and frank exploration of the themes of facing one’s fears, love, creativity, aging and death.
“Still Dreaming” cuts across global and cultural barriers, portraying a widely underserved population – the elderly - as they intersect with the universally beloved writings of Shakespeare. The film focuses on this group with little voice in society, and seeks to shatter the stereotypes that even some of the film’s subjects have bought into—that old people must be shut away and don’t offer much to the world. As the aged performers take a great leap into their own fears, audiences will connect with their courage, see transformations through working with Shakespeare--the ultimate teacher--and glean wisdom of what is truly important in life. This film will provide a fresh understanding and tolerance for those growing old around us, and help us cope with our own inevitable aging and mortality. It will also delve into the theme that somehow always needs reaffirming – the importance of art to the human experience.
The production team for “Still Dreaming” is Philomath Films, the same as “Shakespeare Behind Bars”. During filming, the team will strive to get the same emotional openness, as well as the high production values, that were a part of “Shakespeare Behind Bars”. For more information about the project, visit

Still Dreaming

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