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Are Romeo and Juliet really the most romantic of all lovers? Or is their love more folly, infatuation and teenage angst?   



Modern Day Measure for Measure Screen Play

My name is Caitlin Allen and I am studying at Warwick University. Below as an extract from a screen play that I wrote of a Modernized version of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure.

The initial aim of this project was to make Measure for Measure accessible to anyone who might not have had the opportunity, or the desire, to explore Shakespeare before. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to modernise the language, as the difficult Elizabethan English can be very off-putting for someone who has never studied it. What I wanted to preserve were the moral problems that the play poses, but also to adapt them to make them relevant to a twenty-first century audience. Shakespeare's play relies on its audience having a good understanding of the religious and legal concepts of his age, so I tried to remove these whilst keeping the nature and the importance of the decisions that the characters have to make the same. As the project developed, parallels with George Orwell's 1984 began to emerge, so I drew on that text for the setting of my adaptation. This is an adaptation for the screen, which fits in nicely with the themes of surveillance and viewing present in Shakespeare's play.

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  • Modern Day Measure for Measure Screen Play

    This is a great way to introduce people to Shakespeare.

    Posted by Jemma Bowman 01 Aug 11 12:52 pm

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