Brush up your Shakespeare

Images of Shakespeare

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Venue: The Shakespeare Centre

Key stage: Key stage 3

Price : £6.95 per pupil including visit to Shakespeare's Birthplace

Discursive Learning - Deep Understanding 

Students will: 

  • Discover facts about Shakespeare
  • Explore Shakespeare's school days
  • Discuss the nature of playgoing in Shakespeare's London 
  • Compare the staging of plays today and in Shakespeare's time 
  • See images of Shakespeare's plays in performance 
  • Consider Shakespeare's place in the world's literary heritage 
  • Compete in a Shakespeare quiz 
  • Visit Shakespeare's Birthplace and the Famous Beyond Words Exhibition 

The perfect way to bring Shakespeare alive

Learning outcomes 

  • Developing oral contribution to class discussion 
  • Enriching understanding of social and cultural context
  • Retaining information and working effectively as a team

"My colleague and I throughly enjoyed your obvious enthusiasm for the subject and felt that you had pitched it at exactly the right level" (Stoneygate School, Leicestershire)